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Applications now open!  

Click here to submit an inquiry form to begin your application.

If you are planning early and would like to have materials ready, here is what you will need to complete an application:

  • Identified Supervisor and their contact information

  • Number of Interns you would like to host

  • Job Description(s) (not due until April 7th)

  • Review Key Dates Below and Mark Your Calendar

Not all information or materials need to be finalized. Once we receive an inquiry from an employer, our staff will schedule a zoom call to complete the application and go over program details together. 

Important Information

Key Dates - 2024

  • Application Opens | January 15

  • Interest Inquiry Form Deadline | March 17 (EXTENDED to March 24)

    • Submit by this deadline to be entered into a giveaway for a $200 internship subsidy! 

  • Final Internship Description Due Date| April 7

  • Employer Orientation | April 17 or April 19

  • Interview Event |May 8

  • Internship Period Begins | Week of June 17

  • (New) Internship Kickoff - Networking Lunch June 21

  • Program Ends | August 23

Summerworks - youth.PNG

"The SummerWorks interns challenge us to think differently in how we do our work. They come to the office with a unique approach, and new perspectives that have helped us grow."

What you will get from the program:

  • Grow the future workforce: Introduce the next generation to your business and the opportunities and ideas in your field. 

  • Learn from the young adults: SummerWorks recruits and prepares great candidates to support your business or organization. Bring fresh eyes and energy to a project you’ve always wanted done over the summer.

  • Invest in our community: Being a part of SummerWorks positively contributes to the development of young adults in our community. It helps them build skills and exposes them to real-world opportunities they may not yet know about.

WCC-UMJobFair17(056) (1).JPG

Host an Intern

  • Hire young adults to work in-person or remotely from June to August 

  • Provide supervision and mentorship to your intern

  • SummerWorks staff provides HR and payroll assistance to make hiring as easy as possible

  • Pay $15-17/hour for 20 hours per week, including time spent at Professional Development sessions*

*If unable to pay this rate, we can work with you to find alternative funding options when possible

2019_Summer19_KickoffEvent (8).JPG

Give a Career Talk

  • To ensure youth learn about as many career paths and hear about as many experiences as possible, we are always interested to hear from potential speakers for our Professional Development sessions

  • Present about your career path / industry / Professional Development session topic

  • Sessions last for 30-90 minutes (confirmed with staff follow-up)

  • Career talks are a great opportunity to inspire young adults and build awareness for your field and organization

If you're interested in one of the opportunities above, but are not sure how you want to be involved just yet, please submit an inquiry here and SummerWorks staff will reach out to help you find the perfect fit!

  • What are the expectations for youth?
    You are expected to complete 20 hours of work per week from June 12th through August 18th. In addition, there are several activities and events throughout the summer that you must attend. They include: a 2-hour orientation, 10 hours of essential skills training, enrichment sessions, a 2-hour job fair, a mid-summer celebration event, and the end-of-summer celebration. If you need to miss a day of work or are unable to attend an event, you must let program staff know in advance. A no-call, no-show will disqualify you from participating in Summer Works.
  • Who can apply?
    Any person between 16-24 years old living in Washtenaw County or attending school in Washtenaw County who is eligible to work may apply.
  • I've filled out the application, now what?
    Once the application deadline has passed, you will receive a phone call and email to the number and email address you included in your application form, to inform you about your acceptance into the program and next steps for your participation. Please be sure to check your email and phone messages regularly during the three weeks following the deadline. If you have not heard from program staff by mid-april please contact: For Washtenaw County employers, contact For University of Michigan employers, contact In the meantime, be sure to mark the important program dates on your calendar, as you will be required to attend all events if you are accepted into the program.
  • Do I need a legal form of ID to participate in the program?
    Yes, but we can help you get an ID if you don't have one. Please make sure this is included when you submit your application. All youth are required to have "acceptable ID documents" in order to start employment on the first day of work. While these documents are not required in order to apply, all employees are required under federal regulation to provide legal identity documentation in order to be employed. You can also acquire a Washtenaw County ID. Click here to learn how.
  • Am I guaranteed to get a job?
    If you are accepted into the program and attend all required events, you are guaranteed a summer job placement. You may not get your first choice job placement, but your career interests will be taken into consideration when making job matches and you will learn valuable workplace skills no matter where you are placed.
  • How much money can I make over the summer?
    You will be expected to work 20 hours per week throughout the duration of the 10-week program. Youth with a high school diploma or equivalent will earn $17 per hour and have the potential to make $3,400 before taxes. Youth without a high school diploma or equivalent will earn $15 per hour and have the potential to make $3,000 before taxes. Some employers may offer the option to work more than 20 hours per week.
  • What skills will I learn?
    If you come prepared to learn, you will develop important professional skills to help you succeed in the workplace. These include, but are not limited to, communication, teamwork, professionalism, computer skills, problem solving and leadership. You will be supported by program staff throughout the summer and will have opportunities to practice job interviews, create a resume, learn about job applications and make a career plan.
  • What support is offered through the program?
    We are committed to the success of our youth. A team of career advisors and success coaches will be assigned to each young person. Career advisors will be available over the summer to answer questions, help you address any issues that may come up and provide support as needed. Additionally, training opportunities will be offered to help you build important workplace skills.
  • What if I have never had a job before?
    No problem! SummerWorks is designed to help you develop important workplace skills. Program staff will support you throughout your summer employment experience.
  • What are the work expectations for youth?
    You are expected to work 20 hours per week over the 10-week period June 15 through August 21. You will need to show up on time, in appropriate clothing, ready to work. If you must miss a day of work, you are expected to communicate your absence to your employer ahead of time. If you need to miss work or events for an excusable reason, you must let program staff know in advance. SummerWorks is designed to help you build important workplace skills, so you should come ready to engage and learn about being a good employee.
  • What types of jobs do you offer?
    We offer many different types of jobs in a variety of work environments. All of the job are in professional settings and are intended to help youth develop valuable workplace skills. Past employers have included: Equipment Specialist Assistant for University of Michigan-Athletics IT Project Assistant for University of Michigan Information & Technology Services Program Assistant for Michigan Medicine Department of Social Work Childcare Provider University of Michigan Children's Centers Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office Washtenaw County Office of Community & Economic Development Washtenaw County Parks & Recreation Eastern Michigan University Corner Health Center City of Ypsilanti Ypsilanti Community Schools Washtenaw Intermediate School District United Way of Washtenaw County
  • How will I be matched with a job?
    You will participate in a Match Day job fair. At Match Day, you will have the chance to participate in "speed interviews" - 5 minute interviews with several employers. We determine job placements based on youth and employer preferences. We cannot guarantee you will get your favorite job placement, but your preferences and career interests will be taken into consideration.. No matter where you are employed, you will learn valuable workplace skills.
  • Do I get to pick my work schedule?
    You will determine your work schedule with your employer. Most employers have some flexibility with their job schedules Monday through Friday between 8am to 6pm. There are limited opportunities to work in the evenings. Some jobs have required work schedules. If you have special schedule requirements, including days you plan to miss, include these in your application - we will try to find employment that work with your schedule.
  • If I don't have a car, how will I get to work?
    We will provide you with bus tokens or bus passes. If transportation will be an issue, it is important to note this as part of the application process so that we can take it into consideration when making job matches. We know that transportation to and from work can be a challenge but we will help every young person find a way to get to work.
  • Where are the jobs located?
    All of the jobs are located in Washtenaw County. Most are in Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor. Many jobs are at the University of Michigan, however these jobs can be spread out around the county. We work hard to ensure transportation to work is not an issue for youth. If you have any concerns about job location, note this as part of the application process.

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