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SummerWorks offers professional development throughout summer internships. Below you can find different video workshops offered in the past as well as helpful workshets related to resume building, interviewing, and being successful in your SummerWorks' internship


In the next section, you can find links to community resources.

Video Resources

Other Resources

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Sample Resume

Below you can find an example of a resume for someone who has recently graduated high school and began college.

Resume Bullet Point Writing Worksheet

Below you can find a resume bullet point writing worksheet that will help you put together strong bullet points that captures what you learned from your work experience.

Building Your Resume: Guidelines & Tips

Below you can find a quick guide for building your resume.

Resume Action Verb Worksheet

Below you can find an extensive list of resume action verbs. These can be used in your resume, cover letter, and on networking sites.

STAR Technique Worksheet

Below you can find a interview guide using the STAR Technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result). This guide includes definitions, examples, and a place to brainstorm your own STAR responses.


How To Be A Successful Mentee

Below you can find SummerWorks' How To Be a Successful Mentee Guide. This guide includes everything you need to know to make the most out of your SummerWorks' mentorship.

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