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Young Adults


SummerWorks Program Logistics

Who can participate in SummerWorks? 

  • To be eligible for SummerWorks, you must be 16-24 years old at the time programming beings and currently reside in or attend school in Washtenaw County.

What is the time commitment? 

  • The program lasts from April to August 

  • Participants are required to attend weekly professional development sessions, attend weekly mentorship meetings, and fulfill internship hour requirements (if applicable).

  • Participants are expected to complete deliverables, ultimately creating a portfolio including a resume, cover letter, career exploration assessment and reflection, and more.

  • Participants who successfully complete the SummerWorks program and meet all program requirements will receive a stipend for participation upon conclusion of the program.

Who can participate in SummerWorks?

  • All young adults accepted into the program will...

    • Participate in virtual professional development to improve your "Essential Skills" such as resume writing, interviewing, and more.

    • Match with an adult mentor who can answer questions, provide career advice, and strengthen professional networks.

    • Attend career sneak peek events to learn what it's like to work in different career fields.

    • Receive a stipend for your participation in SummerWorks activities

  • A subset of young adults will be selected for a PAID summer internship, which means:

    • Working 10 weeks, 20 hours a week from June through August

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What is the time commitment?

​To be eligible for SummerWorks, you must be 16-24 years old and currently reside in Washtenaw County.


To apply for SummerWorks, you'll also need:

  • Reliable contact information 

  • Valid forms of identification 

  • Your parent/guardian's contact information

  • Annual household income

  • A willingness to learn and engage with SummerWorks staff.

For questions about your application, contact us at

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  • Application Due | March 19

  • Acceptance into the program | March 28-April 5

  • Youth & Family Virtual Orientation |April 12

  • Professional Development Begins | April 20 or 22 

  • Employment Period & Mentorship Begins | June 14

  • Career Sneak Peek Speaker Series | August 9-13

  • Program Ends | August 20

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