Apply to be a SummerWorks mentor by May 31st

We connect Washtenaw County’s youth to resources for building professional networks, exploring career opportunities, and developing essential job and leadership skills.

SummerWorks is seeking volunteers to mentor young adults in our community.

By becoming a SummerWorks mentor, you'll be able to:

  • Connect with a young adult through weekly virtual meetings throughout the summer

  • Share your career journey and introduce your mentee to new career opportunities 

  • Make a difference in our local community by helping to grow the future workforce

Want to build the future workforce: Introduce the next generation to your business and the opportunities and ideas in your career field.

We have nearly 60 young adults in our program this summer. 

In past years, our interns have participated in-person in traditional office settings. This year, due to the restrictions of COVID-19, we have adjusted the SummerWorks program to operate remotely. We're still committed to connecting youth to professional development opportunities. 

Now, we need local employers who:

Strive to support our community:  Mentoring a SummerWorks intern is a great way to contribute to the development of a young adult in our community. It also exposes them to real-world opportunities they may not yet know about.

Get Involved!

Apply to be a SummerWorks mentor by May 31st

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