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Applications open until 5/30! Links available below!

Read below about how you can get involved with this important community program.

Application forms: Give a Career Talk

Employer and mentor applications for 2021 are now closed.

We hope you will consider hosting an intern next year!

Want to learn more?

"The SummerWorks employees challenge us to think differently in how we do our work. They come to the office with a unique approach, a new perspectives that have helped us grow."

“The process was so easy from the employer perspective. We even asked our employee to stay on through the fall. We would definitely participate again.” 

- 2019 Summer Works Employer

Important Information

What you will get out of the program:

  • Grow the future workforce: Introduce the next generation to your business and the opportunities and ideas in your field. 

  • Learn from the young adults: SummerWorks recruits and prepares great candidates to support your business or organization. Bring fresh eyes and energy to a project you’ve always wanted done over the summer.

  • Invest in our community: Being a part of SummerWorks positively contributes to the development of young adults in our community. It helps them build skills and exposes them to real-world opportunities they may not yet know about.

2019_Summer19_MatchDay (7)_edited.jpg

Host an Intern

  • Hire young adults to work remotely (or in-person in specific situations following health department guidelines) from June to August 2021

  • Provide supervision and mentorship to your intern

  • SummerWorks staff will provide hiring and payroll assistance to make this process as easy as possible

  • Pay $10-12/hour for 20 hours per week, including time spent at professional development sessions*

*If unable to pay for an intern, we can work with you to find alternative funding options when possible


Be a Mentor

  • Promote opportunities for young professionals to expand their networks, explore career opportunities, and develop their leadership skills.

  • Be a trusted confidant who can help them think through opportunities in the context of their career path and long-term goals.

  • Coaching a young person is a wonderful way to remind yourself of your own expertise and experiences. You can develop key leadership competencies and reflect on your own role within an organization.

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Give a Career Talk

  • To make sure youth learn about as many career paths as possible, we will be hosting a variety of "Career Sneak Peak" webinars

  • We need people like you to come and present about your career path or your industry

  • Offer virtual demonstrations so youth know what you do on the average day in the office

  • This one-hour session is a great opportunity to inspire Washtenaw County youth and build awareness for your field and organization

If you're a nonprofit organization or local business and are not sure how you want to be involved just yet, complete this form and SummerWorks staff will reach out and help you find the perfect fit!

If you are affiliated with University of Michigan and are interested in the program,

please email with any questions.

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